Concrete Sealers for Long-Lasting Concrete Surfaces

Builder spreading concreteConcrete driveways or patios add elegance to properties, but, without proper care, these concrete structures can degrade over time, hence the need for extra protection to ensure longevity. It is essential that you get concrete sealers for an extra touch of elegance and to create a protective coating over the concrete surface.

Conventional concrete floor sealer products in the market today come in three categories: integral, penetrating or topical sealers. Besides protecting your concrete, the other roles of these concrete sealers play include:

Preservation of the colour

Concrete tends to lose its original colour and appear old after prolonged exposure to weather elements. Sealers act as a layer between the concrete and these elements to keep your concrete looking fresh longer.

Act as a Protection Layer

Besides the harsh weather elements, other substances such as stains and oil spills can cause damage to your concrete. Sealers create that protective layer to keep all these substances away from damaging your concrete.

Extends the Life of your Concrete

On average, concrete should last about 30 years. However, interference from different weathering compounds reduces the time that your concrete will serve you. Sealers keep your concrete intact without the needing to replace or repair before its service life is over.

Prevents the Growth of mould

Concrete, as a porous material, absorbs moisture into the structure. When your concrete stays wet for long, the moisture encourages the growth of mould in your concrete and creates a green colour on the concrete surface. Not only is this mould unsightly, but it also compromises the state of your concrete structures. Sealers transform your concrete surface from a porous to a waterproof material to reduce the chances of mould growing in your concrete.

The different concrete floor sealer products in the market today vary in their application, but the primary purpose remains the same; acting as a protection for your concrete from degradation. However, get your concrete sealers from a reputable supplier to ensure you get high-quality products.