Color Matters: A Hardwood Flooring Guide

Many homeowners today choose hardwood flooring to give their interiors a warm, natural look. It’s available in different colors and types, which can make it difficult to decide. Hardwood flooring materials are durable and long lasting, so choose the best for your home right from the start.

Read on to help you find the ideal color for your hardwood floor:

Hardwood kitchen flooringSample Match

Take photos of the area, including the ceiling, furniture, windows, and doors, before visiting flooring shops. Do this in the morning to avoid using artificial light, which might change the colors in your photo. If possible, bring fabric, paint chip, and wood block samples to compare them with the actual hardwood materials. This will let you have an idea if these will complement your existing items at home.

Area Size

Avoid dark-colored hardwood flooring if the room is small. If you have dark walls, it can even make the area look depressing. Choose at least two shades lighter to complement the room’s color scheme without affecting other factors such as the ambience. Anything goes for bigger rooms, but don’t use the brightest color of hardwood if the area is receiving enough natural light.

Time of Day

Choose at least three hardwood colors and ask the flooring store if you can take home a few blocks. This time, you’ll do the opposite and compare the hardwood blocks to your interiors. Imagine how these will look like if the installation is complete. Do this in the early morning, late afternoon, and night to see how the hardwood will look in different kinds of lighting.

Decide what part of the house you’re going to renovate, so you’ll know your goals when choosing a color for your hardwood flooring. Look for a hardwood flooring supplier for a wide selection of materials that’s ideal for your home.