Choosing the Right Packaging Material For Your Product

Man working on their packaging materialIt is common for manufacturers to focus on their goods and neglect their packaging. One of the things that can make your product successful is its packaging. Choosing the right package is important to increase your brand loyalty and get your products safely to the retailer’s shelves.

Other than using reliable packaging equipment, here are some tips to ensure that you get your product packaging right:

Understand Your Product

Having spent a lot of resources on your product, you do not want it packaged in the wrong material. You need to know your product first. For instance, food that contains fat is usually destroyed by oxygen whilst pharmaceuticals are sensitive to humidity. Paper-board is a lightweight material best suited for dairy, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Corrugated material is suitable for bulky or fragile items.

Know Your Target Market

Before coming up with the final design for your product’s packaging, research on your target market and ensure that you satisfy their needs. The ideal package needs to ‘talk’ to your target audience, from product choice at the store to its display at home, use, storage and eventual disposal. The right package will build brand loyalty among your consumers.

Ensure that the Packaging Material Travels Well

The packaging material needs to move from one point to another with ease and minimal damage. If the product is fragile and bulky, the material should be strong and provide good support. If possible, invest in packaging that can be stacked, as this makes it loading and unloading easy. It will cost you more to replace damaged goods than to invest in protective packaging.

To get efficient packaging for your products, you should partner with a merchant who knows your requirements. The ideal dealer will supply the best packaging equipment should you opt to produce your own packages and will help you with any maintenance and repair. If you are outsourcing your packages, work with a supplier who knows your products and your specific packaging needs.