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Quick Answers Might Not Be the Answer

September 3, 2014

Google is a company of the future, in the sense that it methodically takes out human influence from its systems every chance it gets. One example is the latest implementation of Google’s quick answers. This […]

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3 Ways to Maximise Promotional Videos

July 26, 2014

Creating and sharing videos are effective ways to promote your business on different online channels. These allow you to spread the news about your products or services in a faster, more creative and entertaining way. […]

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The Grand Project: Multidisplay Video Edits

July 19, 2014

You’ve probably seen it before in a huge event: 18 television screens lined up – 6 screens wide, 3 screens high – showing one synchronized video. Many tech companies use the multidisplay technique in trade […]

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Make White Space Part of your Design

May 12, 2014

Whether you’re creating a layout for web or print, one of the most important elements that make a good graphic design is the presence of white or negative space. According to the Gestalt Principle, humans […]