Carpet Care: Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

carpet cleaningWith kids and pets around, it’s hard to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of a house. Disarranged chairs, scribbles on the wall, and broken porcelains are among the messy things that parents have to deal with. While these are quite easy to clean, spills and stains on the floor and your most precious carpets are a different story.

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In case you prefer to do the job yourself, here is a list of some common carpet cleaning mistakes that you should avoid to prevent further damage:

  • Not acting fast

Carpet fibres absorb spills quickly; stains can go deeper into the padding. If not acted upon immediately, it would be harder to remove the dried stain, mould and the stinky odour.  You have to act fast for easy cleaning and to prevent permanent damage.

  • Picking the wrong cleaning products

Read the label carefully before purchasing the product because it might contain chemicals that are too harsh for the carpet. If possible, make a test patch in a hidden area to find out if the product is harsh or not.

  • Using a deodorising powder to clean

You should not use deodorisers to wash away dirt or stains, but to eliminate stinky odours. Once you remove the stains, you may sprinkle some deodorising powder on the carpet to get rid of the odour. But be sure not to overdo it because not all vacuums can pull out all the powder from the fibres.   

  • Cleaning the carpet too often

You need not clean the carpet every week; doing so will not only make the colour fade but will also damage the fibres. Clean the carpet only when needed.


As a responsible homeowner, you should clean the mess in your home right away. The earlier you do the task, the easier it will be. But for really messy jobs, do not hesitate to ask for the assistance of a pro. Aside from having the knowledge and experience, they also have the right tools for tougher tasks; so cleaning is done efficiently in the shortest possible time.