A Buyer’s Guide to Kitchen Splashbacks

kitchenA kitchen makeover is an exciting mid-year project. Don’t wait until December comes around before doing any renovation, as the holiday season is the busiest for your kitchen. You don’t need a pricey makeover. Installing a new splashback is a cost-effective way of improving your kitchen.

Here are some tips on buying, choosing and installing splashbacks:

Getting a Splashback

According to Perth City Glass, a splashback can brighten a home or office space, making it more inviting and relaxing. As they are designed to take splashes of grease, oil and water, cleaning your kitchen also becomes easier. With a splashback, you just have to wipe off the splashes with cloth and an ordinary household cleaner. You won’t have to worry about splashes getting on your walls and staining the paint, which can be difficult to remove.

Learning About Different Types of Splashbacks

Some of the more popular ones are made of glass, wood, stainless steel, quartz composite and silestone.

Glass splashbacks are ideal for kitchens, as they are easy to maintain. Unlike tiles, a glass splashback has no spaces in between, where dirt can accumulate and bacteria can thrive. To add a touch of drama or a splash of colour to an all-white kitchen, think about installing a coloured glass splashback.

Understanding Splashback Regulations

While you may consider installing a splashback on your own, experts recommend otherwise, as you need to meet certain regulations. For instance, a glass splashback should be made of toughened glass. You may need to acquire a letter from the glass supplier, manufacturer or designer to certify that the product meets government specifications. Furthermore, you need to understand the requirements that have to do with gas, especially if you’re using a combustible splashback, such as a timber splashback or an acrylic splashback.

Change the way your kitchen looks without spending a fortune. Install a new splashback and listen to the impressive sighs of your family and friends when they visit and see your kitchen.