Break the Monotony of the Commercial Look with 3 Flooring Design Trends

flooring being installedWhile homeowners have the luxury of choosing from several kinds of beautiful flooring to complete their living space’s look, commercial areas are a different breed altogether. If you are looking to construct a new commercial space, here are three materials that will definitely benefit your business.

Resilient flooring

Commercial spaces are, without a doubt, the most visited and walked-on areas in any building space. This is why a top choice of flooring for commercial spaces is resilient flooring. This type encompasses several different materials, including vinyl tiles, LVT, rubber, and linoleum, BDC Network reported.

Compared to other materials with just one or two finishes, resilient flooring can come in various colours and textures that will allow business owners to play around with their design options.

Elegant limestone flooring

Any commercial space will benefit from strong and durable materials. This makes stone a very appealing choice for flooring for commercial spaces, which you can buy from firms such as Intercraft Flooring Group.

As such, architects of these areas usually prefer limestone cladding not only for their durability but also because of its aesthetic beauty.

Larger panels bring out the beauty in the material. As far as costing is concerned, you can offset the expensive quality of limestone by the durability that not even precast stone can deliver.

Concrete flooring

Flooring for commercial spaces will always benefit with a well-trusted material: concrete. It is one of the flooring materials that can withstand high and frequent foot traffic. Also, it can even bear the weight of heavy items without acquiring cracks, making them good for deliveries in offices.

According to Build Direct, this is one of the reasons concrete is especially popular in restaurant and retail spaces, especially now that there are more decorative finishes and hues to choose from.

There are kinds of flooring for commercial spaces that can set your business apart from the rest. The key is knowing which one works best for you, so that it enhances your design and adds value to your business.