Boost Your Child’s Love of Learning with Day-Care

Two Children Coloring In A Day Care

To boost a toddler’s confidence and help them learn social skills, choose a quality day care provider. It is the perfect way for little ones to broaden their horizons.

New moms face the dilemma of whether to return to work or stay at home with their little one, a dilemma that isn’t often helped by the well-meaning opinions of friends and family. These polarizing viewpoints can make parents feel as if they can’t win either way. Science consistently shows, however, that being in a day care like Smart Kids Development Center brings an academic benefit.

Research from Radboud University, Nijmegen, suggests that sending a child to day care may have the edge on staying at home, as it improves their communication skills.

Enhanced Body Language Skills

Children who go to day care were found to have enhanced body language skills when interacting with others. Their style of communication altered depending on the age of the child they were playing with.

In a test in which an acorn was hidden, five-year-olds would spend lots of time patiently indicating the location of the acorn, but they had less patience and spent less time explaining to those their age.

The children who spent the most time in day care also had a better performance with their preschool learning, helping them to be better prepared for the school years.

Day Care Benefits Decades Later

Other research at the University of North Carolina found that more day care babies got degrees in adulthood, were more likely to gain employment and less likely to seek financial aid. Women who had been to day care as babies put off starting their families for an average of two years longer.

For a quality day care, find a Salt Lake City provider that can cultivate in your child a love of learning that may last a lifetime.