Beware of Leaky Pipes: The Dangers of Water Damage

Handyman checking pipesMany homes have leaky pipes at some point. They’re easy enough to repair if they’re visible. However, most pipes are usually on the walls or other hidden places. This makes them even more dangerous because it can lead to serious water damage.

If your house smells musty or you see stains on the walls or ceilings, you probably have a leaky pipe somewhere, warns All Hours Plumbing and HVAC. Calling a plumber in Park City can help you avoid them. Here are some of the dangers of water damage.

Health Hazards

Standing water in the basement and waterlogged insulation can make it a breeding ground for insects and other vermin. The water may also carry germs, especially if you have a problem with your sewage pipes. However, the biggest health hazard with leaky pipes is mold.

Mold can multiply in the insulation and walls if it’s damp and in a dark, humid space. Breathing in the spores can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. Some types of mold are so toxic they can actually kill you. You shouldn’t wait for any of these to take hold of your house.

Structural Weakness

Replacing floorboards and drywall is one thing. Support structures are another. If water seeps into support beams and concrete, it can make your house unstable. It would be dangerous for you to continue living in it.

Property Damage

Leaky pipes can cause flooding throughout the house. It can ruin your books and other personal items. It can also cause damage to your appliances and furniture. If left long enough, it can rot your walls, ceilings, and floors. Repairing or replacing them will be more expensive than taking care of the problem immediately.

A plumber can take care of your leaky pipes right away. You shouldn’t wait for it to become a huge problem. The dangers of water damage are real, and you can prevent it quite easily.