Basic Material Handling Equipment

StillagesMaterial handling is one of the most essential factors in warehouse management. Many companies invest money to protect their goods during delivery or storage of their product. Furthermore, to decrease the risk of damaging the stored product, it is wise to use proper material handling equipment for various tasks.

There are a lot of devices used for material handling. Most warehouses require, industrial trucks, gravity bins, metal racks, stillage cages and other storage devices that are capable of holding heavy weights, and offer security to all products. Below are some examples of commonly used equipment.


Stillage cages are material handling equipment that are commonly used in warehouses. It was made from durable wire mesh that offers excellent protection to materials from any damage. This piece of equipment was designed to be collapsible and stackable so that it will not require huge space when not in use.

Industrial trucks

Industrial trucks are trucks that are not designed to travel on public roads. They are used to moving materials to different paths if the conveyor is not available or possible to use. They are more flexible in terms of movement and also provide lifting capabilities.

Unit load formation equipment

The unit load formation equipment is used to manage the integrity of materials when handled as a single load during transport or storage. Examples of unit load formation equipment are pallets, skids and slip-sheets.

There are many types of material handling equipment available on the market. It is best to know their proper use, advantages, disadvantages and price before getting one for your warehouse. Companies usually depend the types of their material handling devices based on their product, facility layout and concepts.

It is good to know what material handling activities you will be performing and how much load you are expecting to transport or store during before deciding what type of material handling equipment you will purchase.