Basic Boat Care Tips for All Seasons

Boat with cover placed on liftProper boat maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your boat and keeping it in good condition. While maintaining it involves a more stringent process, here are some of the basics in keeping your boat in good shape throughout the year:

Keep It Covered

The best way to protect your boat is to use custom boat covers. A snug-fitting cover is important to keep the hull dust free and moisture free. As it is specifically made for your boat, it will also match the existing boat snaps on the exterior of your boat, not the other way around. A perfectly fitting cover can protect the interior and exterior of your boat and have a sleek and clean look, without any excess fabric dangling.

Wipe It Dry

Wiping off the interior and exterior of your boat after a trip is a must. Keeping your boat’s interior dry is key to preventing mold growth. Washing its exterior and wiping it dry afterward can also remove any mold spores that may be trying to grow on the surface, which can be potentially damaging if left unattended.

Do a Mechanical Check

Check your boat’s engine, propeller, fuel, oil, and batteries (if it has one), before you set sail. Below are some of the most helpful mechanical care tips:

  • Run through an engine check before you take your boat on a trip to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Remove the propeller from time to time, to check for any dents and send it to a shop for repairs if there’s any sign of wear or damage.
  • Always make sure you have enough fuel before an outing and keep your tank full to prevent moisture build-up inside the tank.
  • Oil change is also necessary for boats and must be done for at least every 100 hours of operation.
  • If your boat is using batteries, take them out and clean them during off season, and make sure they’re fully charged and stored in a safe, dry place until they’re ready to be put back on the boat.

This basic checklist can make the rigorous task of an annual boat maintenance more manageable and easier to follow. These are mall steps with big benefits.