Arithmetic Is All the Math You Need

When some people don’t have anything to do, many of them go to the nearest mall or park for some people watching. It sounds like a silly thing to do, but it’s a fairly common activity that many people take delight in. In fact, there are some companies that have taken advantage of the mechanics of people watching, and gave it a practical purpose.

Watching and Counting

Customer buyingPeople counting sounds like a proposition for wasting time, but there are companies that provide this service to big businesses and malls. The crux of the business model takes its lead from search engine optimization (SEO) on the Internet.

SEO allows companies to raise their rank by making meaningful use of their resources to attract more users, and convert them into customers. People counting determines the number of people that come and go into a particular place, like a mall or an amusement park. What’s the point? Knowing how many people actually walk through the doors helps managers and business owners organize their resources more effectively.

People Mover

For example, if a particular branch of a famous clothing line attracts more customers, management can deploy more staff to help with the customer load. This also allows management to effectively improve personnel as well as store branches that simply don’t perform up to scratch. But this is only possible if there are numbers to support the moves.

Counting people also helps large institutions like hospitals and airports to determine peak and lean seasons. This information helps their offices adequately prepare strategies and equipment to deal with the incoming hordes of people that come every year for one reason or another.

Success Barometer

Concerts and sporting events have a rudimentary method for this strategy, which makes use of clickers. Large events use these numbers to make a quick and accurate assessment of whether the event was a great success or a tremendous failure.

It’s an odd business model, people counting, but it’s something that’s proven useful to many businesses and companies. Perhaps with a little luck people watchers can turn their hobbies into careers and become professional people counters.