Amazing Facts about the Blue Whales

Whale watching tours in WA is one of the most amazing activities you can do in the region. It has one of the longest migration seasons for these gigantic creatures! Not only that, visitors can look forward to a variety of its species, including the blue whale.

What makes the blue whale worth seeing? Read these facts.

The Largest Animal on Earth

It is common knowledge blue whales are the largest animal to live on the planet, but just how big is it? It is bigger than the dinosaurs, and according to National Geographic, its tongue can be just as heavy as an elephant. It can weigh as much as 150 tonnes and grow up to 100 feet long.

Do you know its heart is the size of a car?

Tiny Krill for Meals

Despite their enormous size, they do not dine on sharks and other types of fish. Yes, they do not eat humans. This is because these baleen whale species do not have teeth. There is no way they can tear meat into pieces. Rather, they dine on krill, which are very small crustaceans.

But make no mistake about it. They eat a lot. At their peak, these whales can consume around 8,000 pounds of krill while their stomach can hold up to 2,200 pounds.

Rare Species

The blue whale population is declining rapidly. Before whaling, they numbered more than 200,000. Today they may be around 10,000. There are many reasons for their continued disappearance. One, they do make a good prey for the killer whales. Second, people hunt them for their oil and meat.

In other words, to spot the blue whale is rare, and you should consider yourself extremely lucky if you find one.

Give yourself the chance to see the blue whales. Sign up for an eco-tour, where a guide will inform you once a blue whale is around. The boat may even come near if it is safe. This way, you can observe it better.