4 Ways to Control Weeds in Your Farm

Using a weed pulling tool to remove a weedWeeds are among the biggest enemies you will ever face if you are in the farming business. Not only can these plants impact agricultural productivity and the quality of crops; it can also harm livestock and smother pastures.

Due to the invasive nature of weeds, the only thing you can do is to prevent and control the ones that will grow in your fields. Here are four effective ways to deal with weeds on your farm:

Cultivate your soil

One of the most effective ways to prevent and remove weeds is by cultivating the soil. This practice controls the growth of the weeds that are germinating. It also makes planting easier, as it breaks down the lumped-up soil. To cultivate your soil, you will need several tools, including a power harrow, which is used to do a finer finish on the soil. Choose among high-quality power harrows for sale today.

Try mulching

Mulching is another effective way to prevent weeds from invading your field. Use organic mulches, such as straw, shredded plants or cover-crop residue, and then spread them around the soil surrounding the plants. This stops weeds from germinating because it does not give them enough space.

Pull the weeds

If you see weeds growing, pull them while they are young so that they will not have the opportunity to thrive and multiply.

Grow weeder geese

White Chinese and Toulouse geese are proven to help in weed control. They like eating grasses and not broad-leaf plants, so you need not worry about them eating your crops.

As a farm owner, it is in your best interest to make sure that the impact of the weeds on your crops is minimal. This is to ensure that the problem will not worsen and keep your farm business from growing.