4 Effective Ways to Increase Foot Traffic

Social media promotion may increase brand recognition, email marketing may reach a few potential customers, but there’s one time-tested way to ensure the success of your retail business: get people to walk through your front door.

In a competitive marketplace, you must find innovative ways to attract customers. Driving foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar store is challenging, but there are ways you can get your storefront door swinging all the time.

store interiorMake Your Store Attractive

You can easily attract foot traffic by building your store in a pedestrian-heavy area and designing the interior to be as attractive as possible. Hire designers to help you create a welcoming storefront. Make sure the design appeals to your target market. Colorful exteriors are effective in attracting kids and teens, while a more formal ambiance invites adults to step in.

Have a Grand Opening

Whether you’re planning to open a small restaurant, or a convenience store, make day one as big deal as possible. Nothing is as powerful as a grand opening to attract customers. Offer prizes and treats, provide food, and serve up other entertainment to make the day memorable. Once customers arrive, collect their names and addresses, or ask for their business cards for future marketing opportunities.

Host Promotional Events

Any promotional event that draws attention is effective at increasing your store’s foot traffic. Consider an in-store raffle and promote the event as widely as your budget allows. Offering a sale is always a great way to attract potential buyers. You can also host an in-store seminar or workshop to provide education to customers and market your product at the same time. No matter what you do, it’s important to make the event exciting and appealing.

Improve Customer Service

One advantage that physical stores have over e-commerce is a personal relationship with customers. Promotional events are effective at building foot traffic, but what keeps people coming back is the way you deal with them and the quality of your product or service. Get to know your customers and build a good relationship. The more they feel valued, the more they’re likely to be loyal to you.

The key to increasing foot traffic is a continuous promotion of your business. Use all channels to market your products and services; combine traditional media with modern advertising vehicles.