3 Ways a Workplace Garden Can Help Employees

Rooftop garden in a business buildingOne of the most important roles of any company is to provide a healthy environment for their workers. This way, it can take care of the well-being of the employees. Every day, employees face the struggle of daily work: computer screens, bad posture, noisy coworkers, daily commute to work, and cubicle walls. In time, they develop boredom, stress, and employee strain.

But by providing a place for them to relax and unwind, companies can make their employees feel better and boost their productivity. A trusted provider of commercial landscaping services in Raymore, Florida can help you develop a workplace garden. Here are the benefits you and your workers can enjoy:

Plants and a Green Space Improve Productivity and Attitude

A green space in the workplace can help boost employee productivity, morale, and attitude. In fact, a study has found that employee productivity increases by 15% when work environments are filled with many plants.

Other than that, a green space can improve the memory of employees. When they spend a couple of minutes outside near plants, their memory retention improve by up to 20 percent.

Reduce Stress at Work

Corporate gardens can help reduce the stress on employees. Merely looking at a green space promotes relaxation. In addition, gardening in the workplace can encourage the employees to plant; therefore reducing their anxiety and stress to a certain degree.

Reduce Sickness Rates and Absenteeism

Employees working in an environment with a green space felt healthier and better. As the plants help reduce stress, a green space can lower the risk of fatigue, concentration problems, and anxiety. Moreover, plants filter the air and reduce the risk of lung diseases, dry skin, and irritation to the eyes and nose.

Having a green space in the workplace can help businesses and employees in many ways. If you haven’t incorporated greenery into your office design, it’s time to consider doing so.