3 Top Oil Company Hazards to Watch Out For

two oil and gas workersWhen you run an oil business, keeping every member of your team safe is a responsibility you cannot take lightly. To do so effectively, it is important to identify any potential hazards that your employees might be exposed to on a daily basis and deal with them effectively.

Here are three of the most common risks workers at an oil company face.

Accidents on the road

Road accidents are one of the top risks workers face in an oil company. Many of these accidents occur while driving to and from pipelines, oil pumping stations and so on. Making sure that oil trucks are in good condition is one of the ways to curb these accidents.

Inspect all mobile fuel tanks for purchase or sale before buying them to make sure they are in top shape, as leaking tanks can cause fatal explosions.

Fires in the company

The danger of explosions is more inherent in fuel companies than in any other type of private business. That is because workers are constantly working with highly flammable substances. To deal with this safety hazard, provide workers with flame-resistant clothing.

Additionally, make sure that there are enough exit routes out in case disaster strikes. But more importantly, ensure that all combustible substances have proper storage.

Working in confined spaces

The dangers of working in confined spaces are quite apparent, yet employees in oil companies must usually enter mud pits, storage tanks, and reserve pits. Without proper training, these workers are generally at risk of asphyxiation and other health issues.

Do not allow any worker to spend time in a space not approved by the authorities.

Working in an oil company presents unique safety hazards that leaders need to be aware of. By addressing these risks early, leaders can keep employees safe and productive all year round.