3 Practical Applications of Steel Tubing

Steel tubes

Steel has long been considered as the hero of the industrial age. It is a durable, affordable, and versatile product with an infinite number of applications. Steel tubing and other steel components are favored in the construction industry because it can resist corrosion and can handle high temperatures, making it a critical component in many projects.

Wasatch Steel cites some of the main reasons to buy steel tubing.

Steel Solves Construction Issues

Construction and engineering are two industries that are heavily dependent on steel. Companies buy steel tubing in bulk, mainly the hollow structural sections. Steel tubing can be rectangular, circular, or square. These are later used to create columns and metal scaffolding. Since they don’t require additional nuts or bolts to assemble, most construction companies and engineers prefer them. Workers use steel scaffolding to move between floors and carry equipment and tools with them.

Industrial and Medical Applications

Round steel tubing is commonly used in different industries to carry liquid or gaseous materials. Steel is less prone to corrosion from acids and caustic materials, making it a safe material for transporting the said substances to various facilities and locations. Without steel containers, these industries will be forced to use glass bottles or vials, which are more expensive and fragile.

In hospitals and other medical fields, stainless steel is used for protective railings, orthopedic applications, braces, and even surgical tools. Steel tubes are preferred because they are load bearing, long lasting, and affordable. It is no longer uncommon to find stainless steel plates inside the human body. These are used in corrective surgery because of their durability and because they can be fashioned into various shapes and forms.

It’s hard to imagine a modern world without steel and other metal products. If you need steel for any of your projects, look for a reputable supplier today.