2 Ways Your School Lawn Improves a Child’s Brain

Amazing school lawnIs your school missing a yard? Perhaps you have one, but does it need more maintenance? Sometimes, this space becomes the least of your worries. Education always comes first, but green spaces can be great teachers as well.

Here are the best reasons you have to schedule commercial lawn maintenance in East Sacramento for your school:

Improved Attention

Attention is one of the most important components of any child’s cognitive development. It influences perception and teaches them to be aware and be selective of the information around them. It enhances their decision-making skills in the process.

Children have a short attention span, but being surrounded by green spaces may help. In a 2017 study by Barcelona Institute of Global Health, researchers learned that children who live in homes near greens tend to have a more improved attention.

The research didn’t cover the reason, but the people behind it believe the vegetation reduces noise and air pollution while the spaces promote physical activity and social connection. All of these contribute to a healthier brain development.

Better Running Memory

Students in a school lawnAn earlier study revealed that green spaces boosted attentiveness and promoted a more superior working or running memory. More than 2,500 10-year-old children from over 30 schools in Barcelona participated in several cognitive tests for one year. While most of them showed marked improvements in results as their brain became more mature, those who had exposure to more greens fared significantly better in working or running memory.

And they didn’t need to have access to parks. Based on the study, exposure to plants, trees, and other vegetation was enough.

There’s no doubt a well-maintained school lawn or yard has a value that goes beyond making your surroundings beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. The students benefit the most from this type of learning environment.